Accessible Client Service Policy (AODA)

Accessible Client Service Policy (AODA)



Jolera Inc. is continuously committed to ensure that we respond and meet the needs, at the best of our abilities, of all diverse client and employee service related requests, practices and policies including individuals with disabilities, and ensure we will continue to provide the same opportunities and benefits to all employees, contractors, clients, vendors, and volunteers affiliated with Jolera Inc.

Providing services to individuals with disabilities

Jolera Inc., as part of our commitment, has established various practices and policies that will assist in  ensuring all our services are available and can be accessed by all individuals with disabilities and include the following;


Jolera Inc., as a whole, is committed to ensuring that we communicate with individuals with a disability in manners that take the nature of the disability into account and recognize that each individual may communicate differently.

Telephone Services

Jolera Inc. is committed to providing fully accessible telephone services to all individuals that may be affiliated in any way to Jolera Inc. and we will ensure that all employees are trained to appropriately communicate over the telephone.

Assistive Devices

Jolera Inc. recognizes and permits individuals with disabilities use assistive devices in order to be able to obtain our services, where an assistive device is permitted by law. If an individual with a disability and with the use of their own assistive device is unable to access our services, Jolera Inc. will explore further options of accessibility; if a barrier exists in areas that are made available to clients of Jolera Inc., they will be removed, where reasonably possible.

Service Animals and Support Persons

Jolera Inc. recognizes that some individuals with disabilities may require the use of service animals or may rely on a support person to be able to access services. Both service animals and support persons are permitted on Jolera Inc.’s premises to be able to obtain services. For those individuals with a disability that rely on the use of service animals; the service animal must remain with the individual at all times.


Jolera Inc. is committed to providing training to all staff related to AODA policies, practices and procedures for services provided to individuals with disabilities.

This training will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • The purpose and requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005;
  • How to communicate with individuals with various disabilities;
  • How to use various equipment that an individual with disabilities may use to access the premises, and the options available in cases where the individual’s own equipment may not allow for accessibility;
  • How to interact with individuals with disabilities; in addition to those individuals who use an assistive device, a service animal, or a support person.

Training our staff has already begun in relation to the AODA client service training policies and practices and we will continue to commit to updating our training on an ongoing basis.

Feedback Process

Jolera Inc. is committed and will continue to provide excellent services to the best of our abilities to all individuals that we serve including those with disabilities. We welcome and appreciate all comments and feedback in regards to continuing to achieve this goal.

Feedback regarding the services we provide to individuals with disabilities can be made by telephone, in person, in writing, by fax, or by email; our contact details can be found below and will be directed to our Human Resources Department.

Privacy is important to Jolera Inc. and will be respected.

Jolera Inc.

Attn: Human Resources (AODA)

365 Bloor Street East, 2nd Floor

Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4


Telephone: 1 (416) 410-1011

Toll Free: 1 (800) 292-4078


Fax: (416) 214-9861



Availability of Documents

All and any Jolera Inc. documents related to AODA policies and practices are available to the public upon request. When a request is made by an individual with a disability, the document will be delivered in a format that takes into account the nature of the individual’s disability.