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Secure Endpoints from Threats At Faster Speed, Greater Scale, and Higher Accuracy

Secure IT™ Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) powered by SentinelOne delivers differentiated endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response. It also features resource-efficient agents for variety of platforms and support a variety of form factors. With real-time detection and remediation, Secure IT™ EDR deals with complex threats and accelerated triage and root cause analysis all while fully integrated into our next generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform and global Security Operations Center.

The Future of Cybersecurity is Autonomous

Today’s cyber attackers move fast and are all over the world. Fast enough that 1-10-60 has become an obsolete model for effectiveness. Our solution powered by SentinelOne is designed for organizations seeking single-agent enterprise-grade prevention, detection, response and hunting across endpoint, cloud, and IoT coupled with critical automation, detection, investigation, and response.

Secure IT™ Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) offers an array of autonomous agents for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Kubernetes and supports various form factors, including physical, virtual, VDI, customer data centers, hybrid data centers, and cloud service providers.

Cyber security and robot machine learning

Secure IT EDR Quickly Achieves Security Goals Including:


Blocks malicious activity using various AI techniques to detect suspicious system behavior.


Provides security information and records and stores endpoint behavior to provide insights and analytics during the investigation phase.


Uses AI and data analytics to enable accurate and aggressive detection and containment.


Machine Learning (ML) remediation suggestions to restore affected systems.

Full Endpoint Security Protection

Powered by SentinelOne, a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. This cloud-managed solution systemizes comprehensive, autonomous AI- powered endpoint security solution, fortified by world-class managed security services to protect your environment against all threats.

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Data-driven Dashboards and Analytics

Gain comprehensive access to exclusive Secure IT™ EDR insight on your endpoints with our clear, data-driven dashboards. Our quality reports provide users with a practical understanding of their security, threats, and recovery status.

Centrally Managed Endpoints 24/7/365

Secure IT™ EDR uses a wealth of dedicated network and security specialists to manage the endpoint protection suite. Both routinely and upon request, our team provides updates on all endpoint vulnerabilities and activity. Endpoint investigation is expertly regulated by our state-of-the-art ticket management system.

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Static and Behavioral AI Engines – No Signatures

Behavioral AI agents are integrated into every endpoint device, with that malware activity is immediately detected and halted. Secure IT™ EDR is behavior based, so it can detect unknown threats based on a behavior that isn’t normal.

Protect Your Endpoints on All Your Platforms

Get complete protection for all your endpoints. Works across all your desktops, laptops and servers. Works across all major operating systems.

Additional Benefits of Secure IT™ Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)


Integrating both AI threat-detection technology and live security agents, our solution uses SIEM services to calibrate and terminate unsafe connection activity.


Our solution is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Kubernetes, and includes discontinued or otherwise unsupported operating systems, such as Windows XP.


Provides rich forensic data and can automatically mitigate endpoint liabilities, perform network isolation, and auto-immunize to safeguard the endpoints with dynamic threat protection.


Device Control provides next-generation protection against any suspicious activity found on USB and other peripheral devices across an entire network.


Endpoint Firewall Control answers security challenges by monitoring communications between every endpoint, allowing an authorized administrator to control and enforce protection policy.


Efficient enterprise-grade ActiveEDR® simplifies responses and automates resolution with patented, one-click remediation to reverse all unauthorized changes.

100% Visibility

The EDR leader

The MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK (adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations) evaluations show that Secure IT™ EDR powered by SentinelOne was the only vendor with 100% visibility, zero missed detections and no configuration changes.

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Zero Missed Detections

It’s the only vendor to deliver 100% visibility with zero missed detections across all tested platforms.

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Zero Configuration Changes

Requires zero configurations changes by the vendor to detect threats and attacks whereas other vendors needed changes to the initial config to thwart attackers.

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Zero Delayed Detections

Adversaries operationg at high speed must be countered with machine speed automation that’s not subject to inherent slowness of humans. Secure IT EDR had zero delayed detections during the MITRE evaluation.

Analytic Detections

SentinelOne – 108

Microsoft – 98

CrowdStrike – 94

Product Plans

We help you select the plan that best suits your neeeds

Packages & Features
MONITORING Continuous Monitoring and Management
Enhanced SIEM Integration
Managed Incident Oversight
AI-Powered Endpoint Surveillance
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RESPONSE & RECOVERY Autonomous Threat Response
Autonomous System Restoration*
Endpoint Network Isolation
Agent Security Assurance
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ADVANCED SECURITY Proactive Threat Hunting
Comprehensive Incident Forensics
Application Inventory and Vulnerabilities
Device Regulation USB/Bluetooth*
Scout Network Defense and Insights
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Cloud Security
Cyber Incident Response
Vulnerability Management
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*Some features require specific operating systems to function properly. Not all features work inclusively for Windows, Mac and Linux.

*Some features require specific operating systems to function properly. Not all features work inclusively for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this solution different than a traditional antivirus?

Antivirus solutions have traditionally relied very heavily on something called ‘signature matching’ to determine threats to the device. AV software compares files against a known database of “bad” files.

Secure IT™ EDR includes monitoring and detection of threats, including those that may not be easily recognized or defined by standard antivirus. Secure IT™ EDR is behavior-based, so it can detect unknown threats based on a behavior that isn’t normal.

How does Secure IT™ EDR help me quickly respond to threats?

ActiveEDR intelligently automates EDR by providing Storyline context (shown in MITRE ATT&CK Phase 2 testing) and a full range of automated and manual remediation actions. Devices defend themselves autonomously by terminating and quarantining unauthorized processes and files in real-time. Devices also heal themselves with surgical, automated remediation and rollback to help reduce Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR). Threat hunters and incident responders can also use these functions to mark identified suspicious situations as threats for automatic, estate-wide remediation which greatly increases responder efficiency.

What types of USB devices can I control with Singularity Control?

Any kind! Administrators can create highly granular control for any type of USB device as defined by the USB standard. Policy can be defined by vendor ID, product ID, serial number or by class of device which includes things like audio, printers, mass storage, smart cards, video devices, USB-C devices, personal healthcare devices, and more.

What is meant by network control with location awareness?

Our solution offers native OS firewall control for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Your security policies may require different local OS firewall policies applied based on the device’s location. For example… perhaps a more restrictive policy is used outside the organization’s network vs. a more open policy inside the network. Administrators craft network location tests that help the endpoint automatically determine what network it’s connected to then applies the correct firewall policy accordingly.

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