It only takes one security incident to potentially cripple a business. Just last month, one telemarketing company shut down due to a ransomware attack. Any organization can fall victim to a cyber attack and attacks are increasing. According to a report by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), 71% of Canadian organizations experienced at least one cyber attack that impacted their business in the past 12 months. With managed security services, any business can protect themselves.  Here are 5 benefits of using managed security services.

Source: Imperva

1. Proactive security

A proactive security approach is vital for organizations in a time where the threat landscape is always changing. Staying reactive means that you are only catching security incidents after they have happened, which means hackers have time to roam around your network undetected. According to a report by Crowdstrike, cyber criminals can spend up to three months lurking in target networks.

Organizations like Jolera provide 24/7/365 security solutions as-a-service to ensure businesses are protected around the clock. By consistently monitoring IT infrastructures and helping organizations implement preventative technologies like firewalls and endpoint protection, we are able to help them take proactive steps in securing their businesses.

2. Minimize security costs

Modern security platforms are expensive to build, manage and run. The tools, technology, licensing fees and personnel required to run a security operations centre can end up costing organizations millions of dollars. For smaller organizations that don’t have a lot of resources, using security services can provide them with the protection their business needs for a fraction of the cost.

By outsourcing security services, organizations avoid paying high upfront technology costs and don’t have to worry about spending time and resources hiring security staff. Instead, organizations only pay a predictable monthly fee for the security services they use. This makes it easier for organizations to budget their security needs and minimize costs.

3. Greater access to security resources

By implementing security services, organizations leverage the experience, capabilities and expertise of a managed service provider (MSP). Using security services provides organizations with leading edge security because each service offering has been tested across different businesses to withstand the threat landscape.

Because MSPs live and breathe security, they will have greater resources, knowledge and investments in the latest technologies and skills. This gives organizations access to resources they might not normally have. Technologies like security information and event management (SIEM) systems are typically very expensive but can provide organizations with advanced threat detection capabilities. A solution like Secure IT – SIEM makes this expensive technology more accessible.

4. Focus on your business

Running a business is a lot of effort and organizations might not have the resources to handle security in addition to their current workload. Without security expertise readily available, security becomes a difficult and overwhelming task for most organizations. As a result, businesses might neglect their security responsibilities. With security increasingly aligning with business operations, organizations can no longer ignore the impact of security.

Busy organizations can still get the security help they need through managed security services. Security experts are available to take care of the security aspect of an organization, allowing organizations to focus on their business. This gives organizations peace of mind in that they know they are being protected and don’t have worry about making security work for them.

5. Easily manage compliance

Data regulations are becoming increasingly important for organizations. It can be difficult for organizations to manage and understand how industry and global regulations affect their business. Increasing security makes it easier for organizations to achieve compliance.

An MSP will be more knowledgeable in compliance regulations and can help organizations implement the necessary security controls to ensure they are being compliant. Security services also provide records like log data which is important for record keeping and can be used as evidence in the event of a data breach.

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