Most organizations recognize the importance of user awareness training but often approach it as a one-off activity. According to research from Mimecast, only 6 per cent of organizations that provide security awareness training do it monthly. In order for users to build good security habits and stay alert to the latest threats, security awareness training needs to be continuous. Here are three simple ways you can boost your security awareness program.

Source: Knowbe4

1. Make training easy

Most businesses have heavy workloads which can lead security to become an afterthought. Having to schedule in-person cyber awareness training sessions can be time consuming for businesses, which can make them even more hesitant to implement training. 

Fortunately, businesses can make the training process easier thanks to computer based online training. Online training is more interactive which can lead to better retention for employees. Employees can also learn at their own pace and at their own time. Online training is also easier for organizations to set up, which makes it easier for employees to regularly engage with the training more regularly. 

2. Measure your progress

The purpose of security awareness is to not only educate users but to also ensure you’re developing a strong security culture amongst your employees. To start, organizations need to gain a snapshot of employee habits. They can use this information to determine which areas need improvement and take the appropriate steps to address any weak spots. One way to determine user habits is to test them with simulated phishing. 

Simulated phishing campaigns emulate real life phishing scenarios users could potentially encounter during work or at home. A user awareness solution like our Secure IT – User Defence service provides customizable phishing templates that can be easily scheduled and sent to users. It tracks if users fall for any of the phishing simulations and redirects them to training if they do.

3. Share security news

Security affects everyone, whether they’re at work, at home or on vacation. Sometimes, people just need to remember that. Simply sharing a news story about a recent data breach or sending security tips to employees once a week can help foster strong user awareness. It also makes security more applicable to their lives and helps them understand the consequences of cyber threats. You can also subscribe to security blogs (like ours) or newsletters and forward those emails to employees.