Choose from a variety of managed and professional solutions. These service offerings are cross-compatible. You can mix and match, plug and play or scale up or down, depending on your demands or solution needs.

Secure IT ™

Protects against evolving security threats from every attack vector. Receive monitoring, maintenance and mitigation against live security threats at all times for a fixed monthly cost. Each service is integrated with our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system for advanced protection.

Virtualize IT ™

Access your systems from anywhere and save on hardware related costs. Data storage and applications are hosted on our virtual private server system, removing the responsibility associated with IT infrastructure hardware. The key advantages to this service is cost savings and scalability. Simply pay a fixed fee for what you need and nothing more.

Store IT ™

Simplifies data protection across your entire infrastructure. Provides cloud and traditional backup services, along with a replicated offsite and recovery service. The fully managed option gives complete end-to-end backup and recovery coverage, combined with 24/7/365 monitoring, for a fixed monthly fee.

Consult IT ™

Our experts are committed and able to implement any solution. No matter how complex your IT needs, our team has the capabilities and hands-on experience to deliver your project on time and on budget. Comprised of enterprise architects, senior project managers and senior system analysts, we work to ensure your goals are always achieved.

Manage IT ™

Robust IT solution that administers, monitors, patches and repairs infrastructure and systems. We can manage a variety of equipment including: servers, storage, networking equipment, security equipment, virtual machines, operating systems, workloads residing in public clouds and end user machines when needed.

Support IT ™

Directly connects your users to a highly technical support team. We provide multilingual support (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French) to more than 50,000 users globally. We also provide remote and onsite support for our clients and can accommodate onsite dispatch support globally. Our help desk features a simple setup with fixed monthly fee rates.

Connect IT ™

Seamless and reliable internet connectivity with high availability. We provide customers with internet and private connectivity circuits to meet stringent requirements. In collaboration with our IT associates, we will ensure proper bandwidth provisioning, SLA uptimes and multi-tiered redundancy. By leveraging our 24/7/365 network operations centre, we are able to track issues and pinpoint network challenges.

Monitor IT ™

Robust IT solution that reports on IT infrastructure and systems. A variety of monitoring services are available on your servers, websites, cloud infrastructure, routers, switches, printers, networks and peripherals to help analyze and isolate issues before they arise. The service provides all the data and information you need to make all the right business decisions quickly.


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