​We appreciate that times are tough.  Yesterday I read where a major player in Canadian IT player was planning to reduce staff positions by 1500, saving an estimated $125 million yearly and it simultaneously extolled the continuation and growth of their excellent customer service.  That kind of performance only happens when you’ve got substantial bench-strength.  And not that I want to blow my own horn, but, that is exactly the role Jolera is offering Small and Medium-sized  Canadian industry (SME). We allow them to concentrate on their business goals, and we provide the technological bench-strength. Truth be told, we do more than just provide bench-strength, we become business partners.  Jolera manages the technical stuff and keeps its eye on innovative technologies that might benefit the client, and the businesses do their thing.  They get a variable cost IT  product we get a broader client base allowing more substantial economies of scale. A true win-win.