Reduce Running Costs

Migrate to the cloud

This is our private cloud hosting service located in ON, Canada. Cloud hosting allows customers to save on upfront capital investment in expensive hardware by simply housing their IT environment on Jolera’s bladecenter systems. The key advantage to this technology is cost savings, redundancy and easy scalability. Clients cut costs by simply paying for what they need and nothing more.

Go Virtual

Forget about IT infrastructure hardware problems, with Virtualize I.T.™ data storage and applications are hosted on a virtual private server in a Canadian based data center. Access files from anywhere and save on expensive hardware related costs. In addition customers can learn public-private hybrid cloud offerings that extend Jolera’s offering into Azure or AWS. This allows for easy flexibility when it comes to cost control and scalability. Learn more below how Virtualize I.T.™ can help transform any business.

Make the most of your investment

The Jolera private cloud is Canadian-based and enterprise grade. The cloud infrastructure leverages high performance servers and storage allowing us to charge a fraction of the cost of cloud hosting on Azure or AWS while also providing customers with a fixed monthly billing model. Predictability becomes our greatest advantage and your largest gain.


On-prem IT Infrastructure


Service offering details

Virtualize I.T.™ is a service offering that specializes in migrating on-prem IT infrastructure to our offsite private hosting solution. Each client may have unique needs based on their IT infrastructure, and to accommodate these requirements Virtualize I.T.™ can be leveraged to entirely or partially migrate infrastructure, or extend an existing on-prem IT infrastructure’s capabilities by utilizing cloud & connectivity technology.

  • On-prem IT Infrastructure

    There are many components to an IT Infrastructure, most of them are supported on our cloud and others are not.

  • Assessment

    There are many components to an IT Infrastructure, and the cloud supports most of them, but not all. This assessment provides a cloud compatibility scorecard for every component in use.

  • Migration

    The migration process consists of recreating your IT infrastructure into the Jolera Cloud. Prior applications and services are tested for full functionality on the cloud.

Cloud-based IT Infrastructure


Service Offering Overview

Custom Power

The largest challenge in delivering a secure and stable I.T. infrastructure is understanding the power demands of applications. The advantage of the Virtualize-I.T.™ platform is that the pricing structure is based on fixed monthly consumption.

Local Datacenter

Keeping the server data local to the country of origin is one of the key features offered. The comfortable feeling that the data is within reach, in Canada, provides peace of mind for end users.

High Availability

When utilizing Virtualize I.T.™, all critical data and hosting requirements become Jolera’s responsibility. Client infrastructure is always available and secured by a strict, penalty-enforced 99.9% SLA.

Lead your clients towards the cloud

Using our virtualization technology and methodologies.

Provision a Canadian cloud now!

Our Features

We have provided virtualization services to many vendors, allowing our resellers to comfortably offer our services to their clients. The following features are what makes Jolera stand out from others.



Built into the Virtualize-I.T.™ product offering is a customizable set of security features that can be integrated into your server hosted platform.



Easy to understand, simple to provision, and secure, to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, and data integrity. Costing has been refined and clarified. Detailed documentation and available support complete this exceptional platform package.



Redundant SAN infrastructure coupled with a high availability server blade environment is what powers our backbone. Key technology investments assure that our 99.9% SLA is not only met but surpassed. Jolera’s robust and reliable virtual I.T. environment sets us apart from others in the cloud computing era.

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