ADB.Miner Malware



If you’ve loaded any apps onto your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick that let you watch pirated movies and TV shows, you could be at risk from a cryptocurrency-mining Android virus. The virus — a malware worm variant — is not specifically targeting Fire TV devices, but they’re vulnerable because of their Android-based operating system.

The worm, called ADB.Miner, installs itself as an app called “Test” under the package name “”. Once it’s infected a device, it eats up resources mining cryptocurrency — devices will become slow, video playback will stop abruptly and a notification saying “Test” with the green Android robot icon will appear randomly on screen.

Source: Engadget

How do you protect yourself?

Conduct a factory reset if you think you’ve been infected with ADB.Miner Malware. Having proper up-to-date endpoint and firewall security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques to protect systems from cryptocurrency-mining malware.



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When an Apache Geode server versions 1.0.0 to 1.4.0 is configured with a security manager, a user with DATA:WRITE privileges is allowed to deploy code by invoking an internal Geode function. This allows remote code execution. Code deployment should be restricted to users with DATA:MANAGE privilege.

Source: CVE

How do you protect yourself?

Make sure both MacOS and your VPN client are up-to-date. Having a firewall will also help prevent external events.


RedEye Ransomware

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RedEye’s destructive nature makes it stand out in the crowd. While the vast majority of ransomware families out there have been created with the purpose of generating revenue for their authors and operators, RedEye would gladly destroy users’ files even if there’s no financial gain in it.

The ransomware contains several media files (images and audio files) embedded in the binary. Among these, there are three .wav files (child.wav, redeye.wav, and suicide.wav) meant to play a creepy sound, intended to scare the victim.

Once it has infected a computer, the ransomware performs a series of actions to make removal a difficult process. The threat disables task manager and also hides the victim machine’s drives.

Source: SecurityWeek

How do you protect yourself?

Proper security measures must be in place to defend against RedEye ransomware and similar threats. Having proper up-to-date endpoint security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques to protect systems from malware.