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Support-I.T.™ is your connection to a highly trained technical support team with a mandate to deliver the ultimate service experience. Available 24/7/365 and located in Toronto, you will be provided with professional software and hardware support via telephone, email and web. Support-I.T.™ is designed to be a customizable end-to-end support channel or to work in conjunction with your existing I.T. support model. Support-I.T.™ features a simple setup, low upfront costs and fixed monthly subscriptions rates.


Service offering details

Support I.T.™ directly connects your end-users to a highly technical team in a process driven environment. All service calls and tickets are processed and tracked to ensure an optimal service experience. No matter how the end user connects with our help desk team, the entire process is documented and tracked every step of the way.

  • Three Tier Support

    Three Tiers and a strong complement of highly competent System Support Professionals provide you with the ultimate service experience.

  • Full Ticket Management

    Full ticket management, provides you with integrated and intelligent workflows and automated status reports during ongoing issues. You are always in the loop.

  • Multilingual support

    Support is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Our multilingual support is backed by an effective SLA, providing consistent service experience every time.

  • Flexible location

    Mobile and home users have special needs that can only be accommodated via on-site visits. We offer technical support remotely,on-site or a combination of both remotely and on-site.


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Incident triage and flow

To ensure a consistent end-user experience we utilize our well-defined application and user flows. This allows us with the process certainty of efficient and effective handling of end-user support requirements.

  • First Call Resolution

    We provide a time enforced SLA guarantee on all of our service calls. This allows your end users to experience a significantly reduced resolution time.

  • Tested Process

    We provide a tested and optimized process during the handling of any support request to ensure consistency and efficiency.


SLA Guarantees

Support-I.T.™ has three tiers of helpdesk support available to their clients, customized to their individual needs. Our robust processes, highly competent technical team, the best in breed technology and tools are leveraged together to offer unmatched service guarantees.

  • Enforced SLAs

    We provide a time enforced SLA guarantee on all of our service calls. This allows your end users to experience a significantly reduced resolution time.

  • Service on time

    Our guarantees are in place to ensure that your client’s service request call is processed immediately and efficiently.


Flexible Application Support

Equipped with solid documentation practices, our technical support team is prepared to resolve any application-specific issues. Our team is consistently training and adding to their list of supported applications, tools, and services, we welcome additions to this inventory from our customers.

  • All Office Apps Supported

    The entire Microsoft Office Suite are included in our support. We also provide support for major business critical applications such as Adobe Reader.

  • New Apps welcomed

    We are constantly adding to our reservoir of supported applications. New apps can be added when there is a demand for them from clients and partners.


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