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Managed backup and disaster recovery

Store I.T.™ simplifies data protection across your entire infrastructure. Designed for the cloud, Barracuda gives you the flexibility to easily backup data wherever it resides – on premises or in the cloud – and to replicate the data to our secure cloud or to a private location.

With an extensive range of supported environments, Store I.T.™ can replace your multi-vendor products to provide cost-effective data protection for your entire organization. Store I.T.™ can be deployed as a purpose-built backup appliance that combines software, local storage and offsite replication in a single package.


Service offering details

Store I.T.™ is your complete hybrid local and cloud backup solution. Store I.T.™ is simple to deploy, easy to manage and comes with no upfront fees. Our fully managed option gives you complete end-to-end backup and recovery coverage, fully managed backups, combined with 24/7/365 monitoring, all for one low monthly fee.

  • Backup Server

    The backup appliance stores all of your client’s selected data and keeps it locally within the network infrastructure. With custom retention policies, you have complete control over the number of file revisions to retain.

  • Backup Management Team

    The BM team monitors and ensures that each backup job was successful. If the backup job fails, the BM team performs the necessary actions towards job completion.

  • Cloud Replication

    The checked and tested data is then replicated to our Canadian-hosted cloud.


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Best-of-breed backup solution

Data recovery

Store I.T. offers a wide range of restore options. Organizations with physical servers are able to perform bare metal restores in case of catastrophic failure. Virtual environments benefit from fast image-based restores. In case of disaster, customers can take advantage of Store I.T.™’s DRaaS capabilities for rapid data recovery.


Inline Deduplication

Store-I.T.’s inline deduplication lets organizations significantly reduce storage needs, bandwidth requirements, and backup costs. By deduplicating data as it is received, Store-I.T. minimizes the time for completion of the full backup and replication process. Store-I.T.’s advanced variable block deduplication analyzes the data type and chunk size, setting a block size to obtain the greatest level of deduplication. For organizations protecting multiple sites, Store-I.T.’s global deduplication and cloud storage technology help distributed networks stay protected while reducing the backup storage footprint.

Available Capacity
500 GB/unit
500GB to 112TB

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Store-I.T.™ offers a basic disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for organizations using cloud backups for their VMWare environments. The low monthly cost includes up to seven consecutive days of DRaaS for virtual machines per year. Unused days are rolled over to the next year, giving you a total of 21 days to recover from a disaster situation!

Centralized Management

Barracuda’s robust central management allows organizations to manage multiple sites from a clean and simple-to-use interface. Administrators can define roles in their organization for access to each location.


Store-I.T. replication technology allows organizations to securely send data to Store-I.T.’s Canadian-based cloud backup service or another backup appliance. With Barracuda’s replication technologies, organizations can be assured their data is stored with 256-bit AES encryption.

Offsite Vaulting

Organizations with conservative retention policies can use Offsite Vaulting to minimize the cost of backup storage. With Offsite Vaulting, organizations can move local copies of their monthly and yearly backups off their local appliance to the Barracuda Cloud or another Barracuda appliance.

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