VPNFilter is a new type of malware designed specifically to target internet routers. It’s capable of collecting communication information from your router, attacking other computers and destroying your device remotely.

Source: Lifehacker

How do you protect yourself?

Factory reset or reboot your router. Make sure you are running the latest firmware and that remote management is turned off.



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An issue was discovered in Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF) 0.3. An attacker can trigger a long loop in image_load_pnm in image/image-pnm.cpp.

Source: NVD 

How do you protect yourself?

A counter code should be implemented to limit an infinite loop. Ensure your software is up-to-date and that you have proper firewall and endpoint systems setup within your network.



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When installed, CryptON will encrypt a victim’s files and append the .ransomed@india.com extension to the encrypted file’s name. This means that a file named 1.jpg would be encrypted and renamed to 1.jpg.ransomed@india.com

In each folder that files are encrypted, a ransom note named HOWTODECRYPTFILES.html will also be created that contains instructions on what has happened and how to connect to a TOR support site to receive instructions.

Source: BleepingComputer

How do you protect yourself?

Proper security measures must be in place to defend against CryptON Ransomware and similar threats. Having proper up-to-date endpoint security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques to protect systems from cryptocurrency-mining malware.