Jolera has recently updated its Secure IT product line to include security for your Office 365 email tenant and WiFi networks. These are some of the most integral aspects for an organization’s day-to-day work which is why they need to be protected. Below are some free tips you can use to protect your email and WiFi.

Tips to Protect Your Business

Three Ways You Can Secure Your Email

Envelope and people

Email is an essential part of business productivity. However, it is vulnerable to data loss due to threats like phishing and ransomware. An estimated 70% of businesses will experience data loss due to human error, system failure or some other disaster. Here are three ways you can secure your email.

  1. Customize your spam settings to block suspicious email addresses and set an approved senders list
  2. Use an antivirus to scan for malicious links/attachments
  3. Don’t respond or click on any links from senders you don’t know

For additional protection, consider using our SIEM integrated Secure IT – Mail solution. Receive security, backup and marketing tools for Office 365.

Three Ways to Protect Your WiFi Networks

Hackers trying to access your WiFi can cause network issues that can lead to negative impacts. Some of this includes inhibiting employee and client access to business-critical applications and your website(s). It’s important to protect your WiFi to ensure availability and to keep out bad actors. Here are tips you can use to secure your WiFi.

  1. Change the default admin login (username and password) to your router
  2. Use network encryption
  3. Provide guests with a separate network

To further protect your WiFi, consider using a security solution like Secure IT – WiFi. Receive a secure wireless solution with 24/7 security event management that scans for malicious attacks within your network.


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Are warfare and cyber-attacks the same thing?

Turn on the news any night and you are most likely to see graphic footage from war zones – images that elicit immediate, horrific reactions. Yet when it comes to a cyber-attacks, there’s very little if any emotional response.

Certainly, people get shocked at the levels of nation-state hacking. Take, for example, last year’s WannaCry cyber-attack, allegedly launched by North Korea. (North Korea has denied any involvement.) WannaCry successfully masked itself as ransomware only to fool the United Kingdom’s national healthcare service, along with the country’s largest pharmaceutical company. The loss of money and productivity from this nation-state attack made global headlines, yet the real-life impact inside British hospitals is harder to measure but no less real.

What if someone died because WannaCry disrupted medical services? What would people’s reactions be then?

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