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Secure IT™ – Training

Secure IT – Cyber Awareness Training is a service that promotes a culture of awareness and reduces risk exposure by extending your company’s IT security concerns to your front line employees. Our service offerings focus on providing your organization with bundled or hourly customizable training packages. Introduce cybersecurity awareness training to your employees in a way that’s impactful, digestible and memorable. 

Cyber Awareness Training | Jolera

In-Person Impact

Receive a live instructor-led cyber awareness training experience that caters to your organization, creates dialogue and delivers better learning and retention. Our course is presented in a 90 min. workshop delivered live on site, with a remote webinar option available.

Cyber Awareness Training | Jolera

Comprehensive Consultation

Let our experts help you with your security posture. Experienced cybersecurity professionals will review your practices and cater the cyber awareness training to address areas that are pertinent to your business. Learn how you can improve the overall security of your organization.

Cyber Awareness Training | Jolera

Physical Reminders

The best way to increase cyber awareness in your organization is to keep cybersecurity in the forefront. Build a culture of awareness in your organization using our “security best practices” posters and regularly scheduled email reminders. In addition, subscription to our weekly security blog will keep you up-to-date with the latest security threat landscape.
Cyber Awareness Training | Jolera

Online Portal

Include vital cyber awareness training as part of every new employee on-boarding with flexible self-serve pre-recorded videos and downloadable content. Having access to this material can provide new and existing users with the opportunity to learn or refresh their skills.

What Does This Course Cover?

More information on our Secure It – Cyber Awareness Training Course


Why is Cybercrime so High?

Understand the effects of the Digital Era and the Internet of Things.

What are the Threats?

Learn how organized crime operates and explore the Dark Web.

What is our Government Doing?

Review new developments in legal and regulatory compliance.

Stay Alert

Understand why a collaborative defense strategy must include both IT and your front line employees.

What Can I do?

Explore five behavioural changes that everyone can implement to help build defenses.

Widen Your Understanding

Learn how to operate in cyberspace with confidence within your personal and professional lives.

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