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Support IT™ – Remote Access

Support IT Remote Access allows organizations to provide remote employees access to their most critical applications
to ensure business continuity and productivity. Whether you have a hybrid setup, on-premise environment or are part of
the Jolera cloud, our experts will quickly set up your employees with an access gateway that enables them to securely
connect to your company’s environment.

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Quick Turnaround

Our robust processes, highly competent technical team and technology tools are leveraged together to offer unmatched service guarantees. Through our well defined workflow, we are able to quickly setup remote access for your company to ensure you can start working as soon as possible. 

Help Desk Services | Support IT

Increase Business Continuity

Enable all employees to easily gain access to any of your most critical applications anytime and anywhere. The solution is configured to meet your organization’s remote access and security requirements to provide a seamless and consistent user experience while working remotely.   

Help Desk Services | Support IT

Stay Secure

Reliably connect to internal business applications through a VPN that provides a secure and encrypted gateway. The solution also includes 24/7/365 security event management and device and server management. Our network operations centre (NOC) will review and monitor device alerts and take the required steps to remediate any problems. 


Help Desk Services | Support IT

Easy Deployment

No matter where your IT environment resides, we can setup a secure remote connection for you. Whether your infrastructure is in-house, hosted on our private cloud or a mix of cloud and on-premise environments, we are able to support you. We offer hybrid, Jolera cloud-based and on-premise deployment options to help you get up and running. 

Additional Benefits of Support IT Remote Access 

Receive some of these added features when you use our remote access solution.


Remote Desktop Services

This optional add-on enables users to take remote control of a remote computer or virtual machine over a network connection. 


SOC 2 Compliance

The controls, procedures and personnel involved in Support IT Remote Access adhere to industry best practices and are compliant to industry standards.

Multi-factor Authentication

This optional add-on enables the configuration of multi-factor authentication to enhance secure access to apps. 

Fixed Monthly Cost

Receive our Support IT Remote Access solution for one fixed monthly fee and no up-front purchase fees.

Access Your Work PC

Receive access to any corporate PC in the office over SSL VPN on your home computer.


Office Apps Supported

Securely access email and Office 365 applications, as well as intranet and internal web applications.

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