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Client Requirements
The client required the back office computers (between 1 to 15 per store) replaced across all of its 665 retail locations located across Ontario. They embarked on an extensive selection process in terms of the technology/solution that would be in keeping with the client’s requirements.

Project Overview





Limited Schedule

Installations were limited to 4 business days per week.
IT technicians

No Interruption

Deployments had to be completed with no disruptions to store operations.

IT professionals next to a security lock

Tight Deadline

The project needed to be deployed swiftly with no delays.

Reliable Partner

Dell has been a channel partner of Jolera for over 8 years and we have worked together successfully on several projects and solutions. The RFP submission for the client’s opportunity was a collaborative effort, with Dell proposing the technology solution and Jolera working with Dell to co-scribe the deployment approach.

Project Scale

In total, there were over 2500 units to be staged, imaged, tested, shipped, and deployed. In addition, a total of 3000 units had to be retrieved from the store and retired (involved data destruction).

All of this had to be achieved within 60 days. With a delayed start to the project due to a protracted due-diligence process, this could not go beyond the 60-day mark.


Success Rate


Technician Training Score


Store Satisfaction Rate

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Our Methodology

Needless to say, such a complex project with so many moving pieces and multiple measures of success requires a significant amount of coordination, focus, planning, controls, excellence in execution, real-time course correction, effective project management, and transparent communication.

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We worked closely with the client in order to determine the full extent of actions required. We then documented the necessary actions and vetted them through a couple of pilot stores.



We worked with the client to build a robust roll out schedule that accounted for: store days/hours of operation, known outages, geographical location, number of devices to be deployed, etc.

IT technicians

Supply chain & logistics

We engaged a couple of partners in order to manage the forward and reverse logistics. The success of the deployments hinged on having the right equipment (and count) onsite ready to be deployed.

puzzle pieces


We determined the number of resources required for the deployments and worked with our staffing partners to shore up additional resources by geographical location (incremental of our own staff).

Pile of books


We built technical training documentation and ensured our teams were trained, tested and certified prior to the deployments. Test scores were shared with the client to give confidence and transparency.

Tech kits icon

Tech kits and spares

To minimize/eliminate the need for revisits, we ensured each technician had kits with items required for a successful deployment. Kits included: spare cables, spare (and tested) full units, cleaning supplies, etc.

SharePoint icon

SharePoint site

We worked with our development team to build a SharePoint site to increase visibility to the actions on the field. The client received real-time access to the details of the deployments at any given time.

Professional communication

Reporting and Cadence

Daily meetings and reporting of deployment statuses kept all involved abreast of the progress. These forums also ensured real-time issues management and allowed us to build positive momentum.

calendar and money

Cost control

We built a robust tracking mechanism for all variable cost items to keep track of spending throughout the project. This was necessary, given all of the moving pieces and ensured better decision making.

2000+ Satisfied Customers

“Special Thanks to our external partners at Jolera and Dell for being proactive and coming up with innovative solutions to improve the installation process and for accommodating all our requests and changes throughout the rollout, not to mention venturing out in winter conditions to perform the upgrades.”
- Store Manager

“I will take a very long minute to call out the fantastic work done by the team at Jolera… This was never in doubt… we’ve completed many successful projects in the past and we will continue to be successful in the future… Jolera, your team is experienced, they work hella hard, and they truly work together as an efficient unit… I know you hold the team to a very very high standard… It shows… Thank you for that…”
- Dell

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