Our Promise To You

Our promise is to help our clients deal with any operational challenges they may face during this difficult time. To make things easier, we are simplifying the billing process while ensuring the security and safety of your organization’s data.

Invoice Simplification

The following list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) has been compiled to help explain our invoice simplification changes.

What are we doing?

We will be reviewing your current monthly invoice and, where necessary, make changes to the layout and format as follows:

  1. All product names will be updated where necessary to follow our standard naming convention. This change will make it easier to understand the product family and the actual service provided.
  2. Products will be grouped and presented in the following manner:

    Cloud Services 

    • Block IT 
    • Host IT 
    • Replicate IT 
    • Virtualize IT 


    Connectivity Services 

    • Connect IT 
    • Colocate IT 


    Helpdesk Services 

    • Support IT 


    Managed Services 

    • Manage IT 
    • Monitor IT 
    • Store IT 


    Security Services 

    • Secure IT Endpoint 
    • Secure IT Firewall 
    • Secure IT Mail 
    • Secure IT Penetration Test 
    • Secure IT SIEM 
    • Secure IT Switch 
    • Secure IT User Defence 
    • Secure IT Vulnerability Assessment 
    • Secure IT WAF Services 
    • Secure IT WiFi 


    Software Services 

    • Enable IT 

What is the impact on your operations?

There is no change to the services we deliver or the manner in which you pay your invoices. This change will only affect the way your services are presented on your invoice.

When will this occur?

Customers will start seeing the new invoice format/layout after May 2020.

I have questions regarding these changes. How do I get more information?

You can contact your Program Manager or the Finance department to get more information on this activity.

A Focus on Security

Cyber-attacks continue to rise dramatically, and many organizations are falling victim by not incorporating basic security practices to support their investments in IT security products and tools. Jolera has met this challenge head-on with our Secure IT family of products, which helps to mitigate and reduce the likelihood of successful attacks.

However, no one product or service can guarantee 100% protection from cyber attacks. It is the combination of technology, the implementation of best practises from a policy, implementation and management perspective, end-user education, vigilance and ongoing environment testing that can help to reduce the odds of a successful attack. Simply stated, successful cybersecurity requires the co-operation and collaboration of technology vendors, deployment and management teams, 3rd party service providers, customer IT departments and end-users.

Many industry best practice frameworks can help lead customers to a better security posture. Examples of very comprehensive frameworks include:

Jolera can assist customers in understanding these frameworks, including how best to adopt elements into their IT policies and processes. In addition, Jolera is mandating minimum security practices that should be adopted by all of our customers. Your Program Manager will be in touch with you to provide more details and assist you in meeting this mandate.

This mandate includes:

  • Systems (servers, laptops, desktops) must have a screen saver lock configured to 15mins idle lock.


  • Implementation of a complex password policy with expiration every 120 days.


  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all remote access technologies and Office 365.


  • A current anti-virus and anti-malware product must be installed on all end-user computing devices (laptops and desktops).
  • All server and desktop operating systems must have a patch management solution that either automatically updates devices on a predetermined schedule or have a manual customer-managed process to achieve the same.
  • All email accounts must have a spam/malware/anti-phishing activation on their email/mailbox to ensure the protection of your users’ day-to-day work.
  • 4-month minimum password resets for all administrative accounts.
  • All mission-critical servers and data must be protected by a backup solution that meets customer requirements for recovery time and data retention.

Free 1 Year Trial 

As a gesture of our commitment to improving your security posture, we are offering you a free one-year subscription to our Secure IT – User Defence, some terms and conditions apply. This product empowers your staff to be the “front line of your defence” through a year-round program.

Firewall Service | Jolera

Secure IT™ – User Defence

Secure IT® – User Defence is a suite of security services that are specifically tailored to empower your employees to become the first line of defence against cyber attacks. The services include ready to implement comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training, simulated phishing attacks to test employee knowledge and real time dark web intelligence tools that hunt for leaked user credentials. Track and measure performance using regular user defence reports that demonstrate the overall cybersecurity posture of your employees.