Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)


As you may know, Jolera has been shifting towards a more channel-oriented business model for the past year or more. During this challenging period, we have encountered a lot of new and exciting situations such as hiring new talent, training internal staff, re-visiting the Jolera brand, communicating with existing clients, re-purposing existing technologies, and expanding our channel network. As a continued effort towards training and teaching our existing clients, we have partnered with Microsoft to build the only Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) facility in downtown Toronto. The goal of this service is to provide hands-on training on the new suite of Microsoft products in a real-life setting.

The need for CIE

Jolera itself switched to the cloud model of business not too long ago. During our transition from being on-prem to Office 365, we noticed a lack of awareness of the Office 365 platform, and as a result experienced sluggish adoption and under utilization of it. In order to address this, we ensured that all of our team members were put through an immersion experience in our CIE facility. This in turn created a more connected, effective and productive work environment through improved utilization and adoption.

We soon realized that this problem around adoption and understanding of the Office 365 platform persists across all of the organizations (our customers) that we serve today. We determined that educating our clients and helping them adopt this new platform would be of significant value to them. The CIE facility allows Jolera to offer structured Office 365 training programs in order to achieve the goal of improved productivity through a thorough understanding of the platform. These training programs offer participants a hands-on learning experience of the new suite of Microsoft products in a real-life setting. In return, Jolera gets to fortify its value as a service provider, along growing side-by-side with our clients as they succeed through productivity.

Who benefits

Office 365 Developer Opportunity

Almost every organization in the world is using Microsoft Office suite to run most of their day to day operations (in fact, in 2010, there were  750 million active users!). Whether it be preparing documents, creating quotes, announcements or communications, Microsoft Office is an integral part of the productivity of any organization. With the launch of Office 365, Microsoft has focused on streamlining all of these applications by increasing collaboration across all of them. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella there are nearly 50 million Office 365 active users (and growing every day).

The CIE benefits you if…

  • You currently have Office 365 suite and would like to utilize it better
  • You are currently considering to migrate from on-prem to Office 365
  • Migrating to Office 365 is part of your future road map
  • You are just curious and want to learn more about Office 365 (how it works)

Office 365 surpasses Salesforce as the most deployed (and fastest growing) app among Okta’s 2,000 enterprise customers.

How it (CIE) works

The CIE experience is tailored around being engaging, collaborative and fun. We do not want to bore our audience with presentations, statistics, and sales pitches. Through trial and error, we realized that the key to teaching new solutions to an audience is by keeping them engaged, excited and focused. We provide the CIE through a “hands-on” model where our audience’s actions are what shapes the experience. We guide our audience to be in the driver’s seat and actively click, talk, type and explore the platform presented to them. By allowing natural collaboration, we enable the audience to realize for themselves how powerful the platform is, and then take it one step further by showing them what else it can do.  A trained facilitator leads the entire experience so that the audience can focus on discovering the right solution for their business while allowing them to experience the “future of productivity.”  By following this approach, the CIE aims to highlight the immediate tangible benefits it brings to an organization.

Where do I sign up?


The CIE presentation registration is currently open to any organization that registers through our CIE registeration page. The CIE program is hosted in our Customer Immersion Experience facility in Jolera office.


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