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Client Requirements
One of Canada’s largest pension funds required assistance modernizing and transforming their ageing IT infrastructure to current and supported platforms.  They also needed assistance in building and optimizing delivery of IT services to their clients.  Jolera was there to help and started a long-term partnership with the client to assist with their transformation.

Project Overview

Jolera started to look at areas that needed improvement and built a plan to modernize the customer’s IT services. Some of the areas of focus were:

  • Transforming customer support from a mixed unorganized delivery model to a single-point of contact 24/7/365 fully supported service desk
  • Upgrading ageing or unsupported infrastructure to modern, supported and reliable systems
  • Building a modern hosting platform for the IT services that they provide to their customers
  • Creating a Network Operations Centre (NOC) to monitor and support all of their critical systems
  • Security enhancements and retention of data

Our Methodology

Jolera has worked closely with many large companies over the years to help them transform their IT service delivery into a modern, efficient and cost-effective delivery model. When Jolera started looking at the issues that the pension fund was facing, it was apparent that there were opportunities for improvement in many areas. Jolera started its partnership with them by analyzing the issues they faced and then initiated various workstreams to address the issues.

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Customer Support

Existing support was inconsistent and lacked defined SLAs for service. IT services were also lacked quality measurements or a consistent measurement of service satisfaction. Jolera implemented a complete service desk solution that provided 24/7/365 support and could be contacted by phone or email. All IT service delivery could now be tracked and reports were built to satisfy customer needs. SLA targets could also be enforced and reported regularly. Feedback on service could be provided and customer satisfaction could be rated. Customer support drastically improved and the changes allowed customer resources to focus on critical business projects instead of tasks that were taking up their time.

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Modernizing Infrastructure

Many of the client’s systems had been running for years on old hardware or unsupported operating systems. Jolera started by working with them to upgrade the hardware that was no longer supported which included switches, routers, storage, and hosts. Jolera also helped transition their systems with minimal downtime and impact to their business. It didn’t make sense to move the older systems due to licensing constraints or unsupported operating systems so Jolera provided a cloud hosting solution that included enhanced redundancy, security, reliability, scalability and full disaster recovery options. This proved to be more cost effective than paying for support on their ageing platforms.

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Security and Data Retention

To help our client ensure their data was safe, we implemented the latest next-generation firewalls. These devices provided enhanced security for their networks. With our firewall service, we also provided a full Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Jolera, as part of this service, also provided a fully staffed Security Operations Centre (SOC). Pension funds are also required to retain their data for long periods of time, making secure backups a critical part of their organization. A secure backup solution was implemented so that would meet their requirements for data retention and security. They could rest assured knowing that their data could be recovered if ever needed.

Partnership with Jolera

Our partnership with this pension fund continues to grow.  As their business needs change, Jolera continues to provide innovative solutions that help them focus on their business growth instead of IT issues. They can remain confident knowing Jolera is providing them with the IT backbone needed to support their company and ensure that their customer’s data is safe and secure for many years to come.

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