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Client Requirements
  • 24/7 Help Desk and Network Operations Centre (NOC) capabilities
  • Fully elastic model where client can scale up/down depending on their business needs
  • Field presence in all mission-critical locations across Canada
  • Strict transformation timeline
  • Little to no impact to current operations

Project Overview




Calendar and money


Required a model that could easily scale up/down depending on business needs.

IT Technicians

Multi-faceted deployment

Complex project with multiple teams involved.

IT Technicians with a lock

Tight Deadline

The project needed to be deployed swiftly with no delays.

Project Details

With the recent decline in the print industry, the client required a model where they could easily scale up/down depending on the needs of the business. With a footprint across the country and fragmentation across internal teams, the client required an extensive business transformation report that would outline a model that would work for their business.

Jolera quickly geared up to learn everything about the client’s business and IT practices. Within 60 days, Jolera had produced an extensive report that not only defined the existing IT Service Management practices in detail, but also a included a scalable model that would be suitable for an organization of that size.

The model consisted of utilizing Jolera’s centralized shared Help Desk and NOC, as well as its large field service presence across the country. This would keep costs low while delivering excellent value for the client.

Broken down into three separate phases (Service Desk, Field Services and NOC), the Jolera team sprung into action by launching the complex project. All phases in the project would require significant amount of coordination, focus, planning, controls, excellence in execution, real-time course correction, effective project management and transparent communication.

Our Methodology

Jolera has worked with many large enterprise organizations over the years to transform their IT service delivery into a modern, efficient and cost-effective delivery model. With Jolera providing the business transformation report to the client, we were able to outline areas that would yield the largest improvements, provide significant cost savings and have the best overall value to the client.

Professionals next to an heart icon


Our Program Delivery team ensured that visibility of the delivery was streamlined throughout the project. Appropriate staffing and mechanisms were used to respond to tickets in a timely manner.

IT professionals network


We found existing Service Desk, NOC, and Field Service processes took up a large part of their employee’s time. Jolera helped streamline/automate these tasks to allow  business-critical work to be done in cycles.

IT Technicians

Executive Support

Utilizing Jolera’s Advantage Blue program, we were able to provide the client’s executive team with unparalleled support anywhere in the world. This included in their home or even their cottage.

report icon


With each of the client’s site being unique, we utilized an extensive documentation repository to map out similar processes and systems across the enterprise. The documentation repository was heavily used for legacy systems that had specialized processes in place to manage them.

Books piled up


With the client’s requirement for on-demand field service presence, Jolera required individual training for field service staff at each of the client’s locations across the country. Training for the help desk and NOC was created in modules and provided at each of Jolera’s locations.

Professional communication

Reporting and Cadence

During the transformation, the client was informed daily on activities taking place at each of the 100+ locations. Any issues were bought to the attention of the project team(s) in real-time. This allowed Jolera to build momentum across the project and keep the client informed.

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