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What’s Inside

Time to unbox the future of IT

At Jolera we’ve introduced the HASP (Hybrid Aggregate Service Provider) model. We partner and package with the best to create one truly unique product offering.

Uncomplicate IT. Times have changed. Find out what you’re missing today!

Budget Constraints?

Not an issue anymore. Go monthly.

High cost technology items require well-forecast budget estimates and long processes for approval, which can slow down the whole purpose of purchasing the equipment.

Age is a significant factor. Once you own the hardware or software, you’re likely stuck with it for a long time, in order to extend its ROI.

Estimating future capacity needs for static hardware or software can be tricky and complicated.

We’ve Got You Covered

24/7/365 IT Solutions

Secure IT ™

Protects against evolving security threats at every attack vector.

Virtualize IT ™

Access files from anywhere and save on hardware related costs.

Store IT ™

Simplifies data protection across your entire infrastructure.

Consult IT ™

Experts are committed and able to implement any solution.

Manage IT ™

Robust IT solution that administers infrastructure and systems.

Support IT ™

Directly connects your users to a highly technical support team.

Connect IT ™

Seamless and reliable internet connectivity with high availability. 

Monitor IT ™

Robust IT solution that reports on IT infrastructure and systems.

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