Workstation Installation

Safely install your investment

As your client successfully grows, so do their IT needs. Usually this means the addition of new hardware technologies. It is important that these are installed safely and securely into the IT infrastructure to ensure that their investments are performing optimally.

Physical installation is important

It is important that any new appliance within your IT infrastructure is both physically and virtually installed in accordance with industry standards. This ensures that in the future, physical disruptions are kept at a minimal.


Service offering details

Deploy-I.T. is a professional services engagement which provides basic deployment of desktops, laptops, tablets and Microsoft Surface HUBs to a client’s environments across Canada. This service offering consists of the following services:

  • Deployment Planning

    A dedicated Project Manager and team of engineers plan the deployment and the integration of the appliance. Planning call with client to validate site readiness for deployment

  • Traveling

    A personally appointed engineer, best suited for the job, travels to the deployment site with the appliance.

  • Physical Installation of Unit

    The engineer inspects the install location and ensures the best connection points and installation location of the appliance.

  • Cleanup & Disposal

    The engineer will be responsible for the disposal of all packaging materials from the new unit. Old units and its peripherals will be discarded to a predetermined area.

  • Domain Integration

    The deployed device will be joined to a domain, only if one exists.

  • Extended Configuration (Plus Feature)

    Extended Configuration also includes the configuration of one (1) network printer, AND one (1) networked drive

  • Validation (Plus Feature)

    This steps confirms that the unit is on the network, can use the networked printer, and can access the networked drive.

  • Data Migration Services (Plus Feature)

    Engineer will migrate local data from old unit onto the new unit.

Deploy workstations that your clients will adore

Using professionals that ensure long-term functionality

Provision a Workstation Deployment Team now!

Experienced & Professional Team

Every Deploy-I.T. deployment team includes a Project Manager following a DMAIC approach to ensure smooth sailing. By having an successfully tested and repeatable plan for each deployment, we ensure almost no hiccups along the way.

Our technical skills are unparalleled. We appoint the best engineer suited for a task at hand to ensure that each step is performed by a seasoned professional.


Canada-wide reach

Equipt yourself with a Canada-wide deployment team. We have deployment centers all over Canada to ensure that all geographic locations, no matter how remote, can be reached and serviced. Never miss out on opportunities solely because of geographic challenges.


Deploy-I.T.™ Pricing Plans



Flat rate
  • Deployment Planning
  • Traveling cost of engineer
  • Physical installation
  • Cleanup & Disposal
  • Domain Integration
  • Extended Configuration
  • Validation
  • Data Migration
  • Minimum 25 units per location
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*Pricing may be adjusted depending on volume and complexity of a custom install.

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