Culture & Wellness

At Jolera our culture & wellness is important to us and we take it seriously. We aim to provide a comfortable working experience for our employees to help offset the typical stressors that come along with working in the IT industry.

Healthy Workplace

The general consensus from our employees was that they value taking care of their overall physical and mental health. To help energize our employees, we’ve implemented free healthy snacks, coffee, tea, etc. In addition, it’s always nice to unwind. So, we’ve provided a day where employees can get a complimentary massage if they wish to participate. To include mindfulness in our culture, we’re implementing guided meditation courses, stress management, and financial advice for our team. With these initiatives, we aim to create a healthier workplace for our team.


Collaboration and teamwork are an integral part of our culture and the way we work. We know that we can be successful when all our employees work together. We use the latest technologies to help strengthen our collaborative platform and increase communication. We also provide cross team training to help our employees grow their skills within the workplace. For new employees we have a mentorship program to help guide them in their journey within our organization.

Our Benefits

Health & Dental

Under our comprehensive benefits package, all employees receive health and dental benefits. We cover 100% of the insurance cost so that our employees can feel their best.


Our culture is built upon teamwork, diversity and inclusion. We enjoy having fun and bringing our teams together by hosting events that allow our employees socialize during and after work.

Corporate Discounts

We like to reward our employees. We have partnerships with a wide variety of retailers to provide our employees with exclusive perks and discounts.


We are mindful of the common stresses that our employees encounter everyday. We provide opportunities for employees to destress and seek support when needed.

What are people saying?

“As a new employee, I like the culture that we have at Jolera right now. The ability to have fun in the workplace creates a positive environment full of camaraderie.”

“We want to provide ways to reduce the stress and pressure placed on our employees. This allows people to feel more mentally available to take part in and contribute to other team building and culture related activities. ”

“Management is light but available when needed. I like that everyone strives to overcome challenges (technical or workload) to innovate and to accomplish more than what’s expected of them. Everyone enjoys their time and is always supportive of one another. It’s fun when we get together outside of the office during our social events.

Are you already part of our team?

If you’re an existing employee of Jolera, here are some quick links to access some of our benefits and calendars.


Health & Dental