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IT Infrastructure Consulting

Core to Jolera’s service offerings is our network consultation service. This professional services group works under the Consult-I.T.™ banner – a branded name for our IT consulting specialists. These experts are committed, experienced and able to implement any solution architected by our solutions team.

A Complete End-to-End Team

The Consult-I.T.™ service offering is staffed by project managers, senior system analysts, and enterprise architects in charge of engineering your entire solution.


Service offering details

The Consult-I.T.™ mandate is to deliver a complete turnkey solution utilizing the 6-Sigma Lean DMAIC process. The process starts with the pre-sales team performing a free assessment. During which they investigate and identify the problem, and then design a current state document. The information gathered from the free assessment determines the service to be provided by the Solution Architects and Enterprise Architects. The solution is then engineered and implemented to match the set out customer requirements.

  • Define

    The client’s requirements are defined and established during this phase

  • Assess/Measure

    This exercise involves reviewing the current state of the IT environment in order to identify areas of strength and weaknesses

  • Design/Analyze

    Based on the assessment (and a clear understanding of the expected/desired end state), our consultants design the changes required to the IT environment in order to achieve the end state

  • Plan/Implement

    This phase involves building a robust and detailed test and implementation plan. Our engineers proceed to implement once the plans have been reviewed and agreed to by all stakeholders

  • Close/Control

    This step is to ascertain and attest that all the objectives, as defined at the onset of the project, have been delivered successfully



6-Sigma Lean DMAIC Process

The Consult-I.T.™ project execution team delivers effective, consistent and repeatable results every time. This is made possible by educating the team on the 6-Sigma Lean DMAIC process to project management. By having a standardized procedure behind every project we on-board, we have created the perfect team that communicates with the same goals in mind. The DMAIC process not only keeps the end goal in mind, but also considers the client’s requirements at each step of the implementation. This provides a clear road map for the client from initiation to the final state implementation.


Quality and Speed at Low Cost

Utilizing a standard procedure through all levels of our project execution allows for more time spent executing the project, rather than performing administrative tasks. By utilizing a standardized project procedure less time spent on each project translates to reduced costs, timely completion, and high quality work.


Communication Experience

Structured Internal Communication

When communicating with the client, Jolera utilizes a standardized communication procedure. The client’s requirements and expectations are asked first and the solution is designed around these requirements. The client is provided with our findings, suggestions and implementations in a clearly structured document. Each team member involved displays their findings and scope of work in the following structure:

Standardized Steps

  1. Current State: Each part of the project team defines the current state of the client’s environment pertaining to their part of the project.
  2. Design: Each member then declares changes to be made to the existing client’s environment to accommodate their part of the solution.
  3. Implementation: Before the project is executed each team member states how they are going to be integrating their design into the current state of the environment.

Consistent Language

When every team member presents their information to each other, the bigger picture of the solution implementation becomes clear. Having this picture allows each team member to have transparency to the other moving parts of the solution, allowing for compatibility compliance. The Project Management team then communicates the entire solution to the client, making any changes to the execution as requested.

  • Current State

    A FREE assessment is conducted to understand your current network infrastructure. All findings are reported.

  • Design

    The Consult-I.T.™ team’s proposed solutions to be implemented in your client’s existing IT infrastructure.

  • Implementation

    Step-by-step articulation of how we will be integrating our suggested design into your current state.


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