Eradicate email threats

Anti-SPAM, Virus and Malware

Phishing e-mails remain one of the most serious external threats to an organization’s I.T. infrastructure. Using Block-I.T.™ technology, emails will be scrubbed for all known spam, phishing, virus and malware and delivered back to the intended recipients. Our in-house bandwidth and server resources remain focused on core critical applications, instead of being wasted on troublesome emails. Both on–premise servers or hosted cloud mailboxes can be filtered using our systems. Block-I.T.™ can also redirect clean email to cloud hosted mailboxes in systems such as Office 365 and Gmail.


Service offering details

Block I.T.™ brings a variety of solutions packaged in a simple and easy to understand bundle. It protects networks, and users from malicious attacks, SPAM, phishing schemes and viruses. Block I.T.™ prevents these threats from reaching into an end-user’s environment via email. It is a highly compatible solution that integrates seamlessly across multi-vendor environments, making it a simple solution to configure and implement.

  • Email Communication Initiated

    If no malicious content is found in the email, the recipient receives the email. Emails containing malicious content are delivered to a quarantine zone that the user can view in a sandbox environment.

  • Block-I.T.™

    Block-I.T.™ acts as a barrier between your organization’s internal environment and the outside. Any inbound email is filtered by Block-I.T.™ for any malicious activity.

  • Email Communication Completed

    The email is then received by the receipient if it doesn’t contain any malicious content. The quarantine digest is then delivered to the recipient containing the blocked messages for the day.


Service Offering Overview

High Availability

To ensure 99.9% availability, we have configured our service in multiple data centres across the country. Our systems are designed for automatic failover, load balancing, replication of settings, & complete interruption free service. Feel secure knowing that Block-I.T.™ protects your clients and provides a mission critical email service.

Easy to configure

To avoid any ongoing business interruptions, the service installation is designed to be non-intrusive by nature. A change is made to the DNS record to initially deliver inbound email to Block I.T.™ or to a backup secondary system if the first is not available. A query to the email system is performed to get a list of active mailboxes and email addresses to ensure proper profile population.

Easy payment options

Scalability is a critical requirement for today’s business systems. Block-I.T.™ is charged on a per mailbox monthly fee regardless of the number of email addresses assigned to that mailbox. You only are charged based on active mailboxes with precise monthly billing and no long-term contracts. Simplified billing complemented by simplified management.


Block-I.T.™ is always up to date with the latest technology

Block IT provides your clients with the most reliable Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-phishing technology to ensure their safety. Additionally, the easily managed portal makes initial configurations and ongoing maintenance a breeze. Packed with useful features for both clients and resellers alike, Block-I.T.™ provides a complete end-to-end solution for all SPAM related disruptions.


Message Queueing

If an email system is unavailable for an extended period of time, incoming messages will begin to bounce back to the original senders. The Block-I.T.™ system will receive and scrub messages as usual but if a mail system is unavailable, the inbound emails will be queued for future delivery. Once systems recover, regular service will resume. In the event of a disaster, the e-message queuing system has the ability to redirect the messages to another email service.

Quarantine Service

When a message is delivered to the Block-I.T.™ system, it undergoes a classification that will flag it as good, bad, or questionable. Messages flagged as bad are automatically discarded. Messages flagged as questionable are quarantined and delivered in a daily email digest to the end user. This email digest gives the user the ability to release the message, permanently block, or include that address in a safe list for successful delivery in the future.

Up-to-date Database

Threats to email systems change on a daily basis. The Block-I.T.™ service continually updates its infections database to adapt to changing vulnerabilities. This update service ranks spammers, email domains, files, and viruses for their potential threats. The higher the risk ranking, the greater the likelihood the email will be flagged as bad. A lower ranking could result in the subject email being placed in questionable quarantine. In addition to making sure that clients receive legitimate threat-free email, the Block-I.T.™ service also alerts Jolera’s administrators when domain rankings change. This assures that critical business email service is protected both inbound and outbound.

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