[bctt tweet=”Jolera was awarded The Best Mobile Solution at the CDN Channel Elite Awards ceremony.” username=”jolera”]This award is given to an IT organization that in the year 2016 created the best mobile solution for their clients or channel partners. To win this award, the mobile app we built provides real-time intelligence to our clients and also the ability to seamlessly (from the app) interact with the service desk through our ticketing system (integrated into the app) or even through a live video chat session.

Directors can monitor and request changes on their IT environment remotely

Here’s a real-life example of how it works:

The IT Director of a Toronto-based firm opens up his mobile app when traveling in China and inspects performance of a virtual server. He/she is presented with the performance data for the server and can drill-down and view further details on each metric (metric, sub-metric, tickets, etc.)

  • Reviews an alert previously sent to him/her for approval to expand disk space on the server.
  • Clicks on the action/approve button next to the server performance details.
  • Request is received by the Jolera Service Desk and actioned.
  • He/she then gets a notification that the action has been completed.
  • He/she continues to review other performance details or exits the app.

Our clients are enjoying this incredibly powerful tool that offers complete performance transparency and nakedness! It also puts us in a position of strength in terms of offering a differentiator nobody else does!

[blockquote cite=”Manish G., COO, Jolera Inc.”]We use this app internally as well and have it further integrated into Quick Books in order to review cost and return for our services, efforts, etc.[/blockquote]

What’s unique about our Mobile Solution?

Built for on-the-go decision makers

There are three key reasons for going the mobile-based route:

  1. We are constantly on the road making intelligent, and data-driven decisions. This ability at the opportune time is paramount to a service organization such as ours.
  2. Our clients are in the same boat as us and need these tools at their fingertips even when they are not in front of a computer.
  3. All of us are increasingly dependent on our mobile devices and sometimes our mobile device tends to be the primary tool to get work done.

It is for these reasons that we built the dashboard tool as a web portal and also as a mobile app so that it is focused on how, when and where the user wants to get access to performance intelligence.

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Provides information for the right decision

The mobile app does two unique things:

  1. Pushes data and intelligence to its users.
  2. Pull actions/requests from its users.

It is built with the intent to unleash the power of all of the tools/platforms into the hands of the authorized end-user.

  • Our app connects into eight different systems and pulls data from them. These eight systems form the crux of our Managed Services delivery.
  • Specifically chosen actions relative to these 8 Systems can be executed right from the app. A select set of actions can be performed right from the app into the different platforms.

To offer the level of transparency of our performance as an MSP is unprecedented. There isn’t another entity in the industry that is comfortable or has even ventured into providing real-time, pure, unfiltered performance data to their clients. We do!

Read the original award declaration here.

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