A recent report states that hackers have a 7-day window to exploit a vulnerability before people are aware that they’re vulnerable. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities by connecting through various entry points in your organization. The best way to protect your entry points from hackers is to consider having many security measures or layered security.

layered security

Source: Canadian Chamber of Commerce

What is Layered Security?

Layered security is a defence strategy that protects I.T. security systems through multiple layers. The point of having multiple layers of security, says Arbind Sahu, an Enterprise Network Architect at Jolera, is that “if you have six or so layers, you hope that if it [a threat] passes through the first three, it’ll hit the fourth and get detected and stopped.” The goal of layered security is to make it harder for criminals to access your data.

Why Invest in Layered Security?

There are many reasons why investing in layered security is a good idea.

  1. Regulatory requirements: Some data, like finances and health reports, require extra protection with checks and controls. Laws like GDPR have heavy fines if data is not properly protected.
  2. Profit: The cost of being down due to a cyber attack can end up costing more than maintaining a layered security system.
  3. Insurance: Investing in layered security could lower your insurance premiums because it shows you are a low-level security risk.

However, the security layers you need ultimately depends on your security needs and environment.

Jolera’s Steps for Layered Security

At Jolera, we believe in protecting your security posture by adding additional layers of security to your environment. With our Secure I.T.™ layered security services, customers can layer a consistent set of technologies and products into their network in a way that fits their budget or where they see their biggest security threat.

Perimeter – Firewall

A firewall is the front door protection for your security. It builds a barrier between your system and outside threats. Firewalls prevent unauthorized access into your networks. At Jolera, we provide constant monitoring, management and support with any firewalls we deploy. In addition, we provide ongoing patching/ firmware updates so that your security is always up-to-date.

EndPoint –  Anti-Virus

Your desktop is considered to be the back-door for hackers to get into your network. Protect yourself from viruses and malware by installing anti-virus software into your computers. Since new threats are always emerging, update your anti-virus software regularly.

Awareness Training

Awareness training is an important aspect of security. It’s a continuous process because threats are always evolving. Employees need to know the best security practices and understand that people who are trying to break into your networks will use any means. It is critical that everyone understand security.


Your WiFi is another entry point where rogue actors can gain access into your network. One way you can secure your WiFi is to use password protection. For additional security, our Secure I.T.™ WiFi as a Service is a turnkey, leading edge wireless network solution featuring installation, configuration, management and security event management for your WiFi solution.

E-mail & connectors

Sending malicious links through e-mails is another way hackers target companies. It’s important to have a security system for your e-mail to filter out bad actors like phishing, ransomware and malware and prevent them from getting into inboxes.

You also need to protect your cloud hosted mailboxes like Office 365 and Gmail. Connectors facilitate authentication from the corporate office to the Cloud. That way, only authorized people are connecting to the Cloud.


Once you have all of the additional security layers mentioned above, you are on your way to protecting your overall enterprise.