Worldwide spending on cybersecurity is expected to reach $91 billion this year, which is a 10% increase from 2017. As companies continue to face security threats, security spending is expected to increase to $120.7 billion in 2021. Companies should invest some of this spending in their employees as well. Employees are one of the first lines of defence in an organization, which means cybersecurity training should be a top priority. And employees think training helps. A survey found that 70% of workers who received cybersecurity training felt that it enhanced their ability to recognize and react accordingly to potential threats.

cybersecurity training

Source: DarkReading

5 reasons to start cybersecurity training for your employees

Having a good cybersecurity culture at your workplace is a good way to make your employees cyber aware. One way to increase cyber awareness is to train your employees, regardless of their position.

You are always at risk

Cyber criminals are always looking for targets which means you are always at risk. Cyber criminals target your employees because they have access to valuable data. Phishing attacks are one of the biggest cybersecurity threats that affect employees and approximately 27% of employees fall prey to them.

Regulatory requirements

Organizations that fail to train their employees could run the risk of facing sanctions or fines depending on various laws and regulations such as GLBA or HIPAA. Organizations in the federal government or healthcare industry, as well as financial institutions require cybersecurity training.

Protecting customers

Trust between a customer and business is important for brand loyalty, which is why 56% of customers say they would stop buying from a business that fails to safeguard their data. Organizations collect a lot of data on their customers as part of their business operations. Therefore, customers expect their data to be safe and secure. You are putting your customers at risk by not educating your employees on cybersecurity.

Protecting your business

As a company, you wouldn’t want your financial records or new/pending product patents leaked on the web for competitors to see. Furthermore, threats like ransomware and Trojans can disrupt your business by causing downtime. This can negatively affect your business through lost profit.

Increase productivity

Employees are feeling cybersecurity stress. According to one report, 69% of employees say that news of data breaches stresses them out, while 66% are overwhelmed by the amount of sensitive information they have. Stress can negatively impact an employee’s ability to do their work. If your employees are confident about cybersecurity, they can focus more on their work.

Steps You Can Take Right Now

Have physical reminders: Having reminders like posters around the office will provide visual cues for employees to think about cybersecurity.

Regularly Update your employees: The threat landscape is always changing. Keep employees updated on new additions to cyber tactics like phishing and ransomware, via e-mail or during meetings.

Employ some time for cyber security training: At Jolera, we offer robust cyber security training for your employees. Our 90-minute course covers the basics of cybersecurity awareness to empower your employees and help strengthen your organization’s security posture.