Mobile Application Development

The Idea

​Over the last decade the mobile device has matured from a simple communication telephone to a smart collaborative tool mimicking the function of a full blown desktop/laptop. The increase of functionality and power of our mobile devices has transformed them into daily tools that few of us can live without. Successful businesses have quickly realized that extending their successful technology offering to the mobile device platforms will allow for larger usage and adoption of their brand products and services. Jolera's development team has worked with organizations to help them realize the mobile platform advantages and extend their business to this platform. Development for mobile applications takes on a different flavour than full blown desktop/laptop access because it is the inherited features of the devices operating system that must be incorporated and taken into account to successfully design, develop and deploy these applications.

The Challenge

​Too many businesses have failed at implementing mobile applications for a number of obvious reasons. Jolera has identified a few of these key reasons:
  • Forgetting that you are developing for a mobile device and not a desktop/laptop.
  • Trying to convert your web portal into a compressed version for a mobile device.
  • Not using the built-in operating system APIs to better integrate the application to the device type.
  • Not looking for opportunities to integrate on the mobile platform between different tools like phone, email, and calendar.
  • Skipping key trial and beta phases in hopes of a rapid deployment cycle to keep and set trends.
  • Not properly designing user interface and actions guide that is driven by the business objectives.
  • Clearly identifying the business objective of your mobile strategy and the functions necessary for success.

The Solution

​Jolera's experience and qualified team understand what it takes to successfully develop and deploy a mobile application strategy. Call us nerds, but we are always excited to be the first to have access to the new toy or gadget that could potentially be the next big shift in the mobile world that we know today. Our clients and our team are constantly challenging the standards and limits of what the applications and devices can do today. These experiences have given us new insight and a clearer picture of what the mobile users experience would feel and look like. While mobile application development has taken on a life of its own, it is still very crucial that proper development practices are put into place that ensure a working and successful experience for the user.
Using a phased approach to the development of these applications Jolera will ensure that no stone is unturned and no question is not answered; working very hard to set and manage the expectation of all key stakeholders and ensure a successful application development and deployment experience.











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