Monitor-I.T.™ Server and Workstation Monitoring

​Jolera’s Monitor-I.T.™ is a solution designed to give businesses fast access to I.T. information - helping your organization become more efficient and productive. Monitor-I.T.™ helps ensure your network’s uptime availability and performance. A variety of reports are available on your servers, networks and peripherals to help analyze and isolate issues before they arise.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

​Service availability is critical to any business environment.   Recognizing the key role that I.T. plays in your businesses success and productivity highlights the fact that strict service level agreements must be enforced. We use our famous four nines to guarantee that any infrastructure or service that we provide is available at an annual average of 99.9%. We want to ensure that extending your monitoring requirements to our organization can provide you with the sound confidence that it can become in the essential service that you rely on.
Full Escalation Management

​In today's fast paced competitive work place businesses rely on critical I.T. infrastructure to remain highly available and responsive. With Jolera monitoring your network servers, devices, workstations, and phones you can rest assured that we will fully escalate any outage to key personnel to address. Jolera uses the ITIL escalation management framework and will cooperate with customers to build a feasible plan for managing and communicating any potential risks, and service unavailability to our customers.
​"Business depends on I.T. - use Monitor-I.T.™"
Reporting & Inventory Management

​A key aspect to any I.T. management service includes real-time information feeds, statistics reporting, and  inventory/warranty lifecycle management. Jolera's Monitor-I.T.™ product offering will give you access to an online portal which will present you with a plethora of real-time performance metrics, service availability, key security vulnerabilities, and useful inventory reporting. Taking advantage of this powerful product will allow you to better manage capacity, availability, and ensure that you are properly budgeting and planning for your I.T. requirements.
Jolera's Green Commitment
This service is housed in green friendly data centres that utilize efficient cooling methods, clean diesel generation (in a disaster event), and motion lights to conserve power usage during off peak hours. The server platforms also conform to Energy Star standards with additional capability to reduce server processing power (cpus and hard-drive spin) during off-peak hours to conserve equipment life and reduce energy consumption.
Monitor-I.T.™ Device

​In today’s fast paced competitive workplace – business depends on connectivity. By being able to monitor your network devices you are able to optimize your infrastructure to ensure you are receiving the most out of your investment.
Services included are:
  • Automated Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Monitoring
  • Client Portal
  • Thresholds
  • Site Monitoring
  • Asset Management

Quick Deployment

​Jolera's Monitor-I.T.™ service is based on an agentless platform that can quickly be deployed and configured for simple and complex network environments. Jolera will work with the I.T. stake holders to understand the different services and hardware, and software deployed across the infrastructure to ensure that the right policy modules are applied to the specific devices servers, workstations and phones. Applying the right policy modules will ensure that the specific event IDs and requests are made for those unique components and are reported back to your dashboard. Outside of one onsite manager installation within your network no other software is required to run on any of the monitored environment.
24/7/365 Management

​I.T. never sleeps. Your infrastructure is constantly working to service your business needs. Jolera's Monitor-I.T.™ product is constantly polling your environment for any possible signs of failure or performance degradation. Alerts are created to highlight any possible issues and automatically converted into tickets for further investigation and  resolution depending on the key thresholds and policies set by our managed services group. Jolera will ensure that all outages follow the escalation management process that we have built with your team and guarantees that someone will be notified within 15 minutes of any service failure.
Monitor-I.T.™ Server

​This module monitors your server performance availability. Monitor-I.T.™ server will be your lifeline for information. With the help of an agentless solution we are able to monitor all aspects of your server and inform you even before problems occur giving you time to fix it.
Services included are:
  • Automated Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Health Monitoring
  • Client Portal
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Service Monitoring
  • Hot Fix and Security Patches
  • Virtual Host
  • Asset Management
Monitor-I.T.™ Workstations

​Workstation problems have a big impact on a user’s productivity – and this is bad for any business. With the Monitored workstation service you can get vital information regarding any workstation and ensure minimal disruption to users.
Services included are:
  • Automated remote monitoring and alerts
  • Client Portal
  • Asset Management
  • Availability
  • Last Logon
  • Security Scan

​Providing monitoring technology that maximizes I.T. productivity!
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