Store-I.T.™ Online Backup

Store-I.T.™ by Jolera is designed to offer a quick, easy and secure automated online backup solution to your valuable, irreplaceable data. Trusted by organizations worldwide, the Store-I.T.™ cloud solution is a cost-effective, feature packed solution offering a powerful set of scalable online backup options that utilize Jolera’s dependable cloud platform.

By leveraging Jolera’s infrastructure for backup data storage, we are redefining the cost structure for setting up a dependable and flexible platform for your online backup service.
No New Hardware Required

​At Jolera we understand the many projects and pressures placed on you I.T. infrastructure. For this reason we have made Store-I.T.™ a quick easy add-on to any critical business environments. Deploying Store-I.T.™ does not require any new hardware to be configure or located;  it is a pure software based service that requires the installation of tiny agents on each guest operating system that has data which is require to be backed up. Quick to deploy, install, and configure, Store-I.T.™ is one of Jolera’s fastest growing products.
Multiple Operating System Support

​Jolera understands that in today’s I.T. environment there is a multitude of operating system configurations to service different needs. For this reason Store-I.T.™ can function on various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX. The configuration agents are web based and thus can be modified, installed and deployed through all compatible web browsers.
​Business depends on it - use Store-I.T.™
Online Portal Access

​In addition to email digests that can be received daily, weekly or monthly, Jolera will give each customer access to an online portal for which they will be able to view and report against backup jobs and selections. The online portal is great real time access to Store-I.T.™ and gives customers transparent information they need to feel secure about their backups.
Jolera's Green Commitment
This service is housed in green friendly data centres that utilize efficient cooling methods, clean diesel generation (in a disaster event), and motion lights to conserve power usage during off peak hours. The server platforms also conform to Energy Star standards with additional capability to reduce server processing power (cpus and hard-drive spin) during off-peak hours to conserve equipment life and reduce energy consumption.
Secure and Protected

​Your data is critical and at Jolera we have strong policies and security in place to ensure that your offsite backups and the channel of communication between our services and your servers are encrypted and secure. To ensure security and availability Jolera replicates the backup infrastructure between different data centres over private network.

Application Specific Agents

​There are many backup solutions that will provide you with the ability to backup files and databases, however a lot of these utilities are generic and not able to negotiate specific connections to applications in order for proper backup and restore procedures. Store-I.T.™ has specific agents for a plethora of services like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Fileservers, Oracle, and many more. Jolera did its due diligence to select the technology platform to run Store-I.T.™ and thus has provided customers with a guaranteed backup and restore service that understands specific applications that it is negotiating with.
Flexible Retention Settings

​Every organization has backup policies and procedures that are unique to its business requirements. With Store-I.T.™ we are providing you with flexible customized retention schedules to adapt to your business requirements. These retention schedules can be server or data type specific. In addition to customer retention schedules, Jolera clients also require an archiving service to allow for longer term storage in Store-I.T.™ safe zones. When provisioning your backup services, a Jolera representative will work with you to design a proper retention schedule that will fit your requirements and will work hand in hand with our technology platform.
24/7/365 Monitoring

​One of the major differentiating factors of Jolera's Store-I.T.™ platform is the proactive monitoring and management of your backup jobs. Unlike many other providers Jolera takes initiative in notifying you of failures and working behind the scenes to address issues and ensure a proper working Store-I.T. environment.
99.9% Availability

​We pride ourselves in highly available service offerings to our customers. Jolera stands by the 3 9's platinum services level agreement guaranteeing you that Store-I.T.™ will rarely experience outages and ensure that in the event of one, data continuity will continue through a replicated and redundant infrastructure.

​An online backup storage solution made quick and easy!
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