Jolera Charts the 2011 Top 10 Green Solution Providers

By Lawrence Cummer, published to Computer Dealer News

Toronto-based IT consultants Jolera made a very conscious decision a few years back to have environmentally-sound operations permeate though its business.

It did this in both big and small measures: consolidating all servers into a virtualized cloud environment to reduce air conditioning and cooling needs; converting to electronic forms to reduce printing; relocating to a location more central to clients to reduce travel, even issuing staff public transit passes.

On the customer facing side Jolera is providing counsel that not just evangelizes, but also demonstrates green IT benefits, says Alex Shan, CEO.  "It shows them what's possible.  If we can do it for ourselves, it's a pretty good venture of a guess that we can also propose our clients to do the same things."

Shan said that over the past two years, the economy has been pushing frugality from businesses, and what was in 2009 a bigger push in the market for green solutions for the sake of the environment alone has given way to solutions that solve both cost cutting and carbon reductions, for example enterprise virtualization. In addition, Jolera's customers are becoming increasingly interested in virtual desktop solutions, which Shan suggests can extend the average lifespan of a desktop from two to five years out to as much as seven to 10 years, cutting landfill waste.